Shipping price

Here you can check available carrier, shipping cost and approximate delivery time of your order.

Package`s weight may increase because we use additional packing material to prepare items for shipping. Also if all the goods are unable to pack in one package because of the exceeding maximum weight or size, several packages can be created. In that case, you will receive a notification through your personal account. Note that shipping cost may be adjusted accordingly so you may be required to make extra payment to complete the shipping

Shipping restrictions


We cannot ship your order in following cases:

  • Items value is over JP¥200,000,
  • The weight of the package exceeds 30 kg,
  • The package is more than 1.5 m in length,
  • The length + circumference of the package is over 3 m,
  • Item contains the following materials:
    1. explosives, such as airbag modules (as well as seatbelt assembly);
    2. compressed gases, such as spray paint, and gas filled suspension parts (gas filled shock absorbers, etc.);
    3. flammable liquids, such as automotive oils and lubricants, paint, gasoline, and oil filled parts (oil filled shock absorbers, engines, etc.);
    4. flammable substances, such as matches, etc.;
    5. oxidizing substances, such as peroxides;
    6. toxic and infectious substances, such as agricultural chemicals;
    7. radioactive materials;
    8. corrosives: batteries;
    9. fuel tank (both used and new).

Delivery time

Note that the delivery time declared are approximate. Our company does not take any responsibility for possible delivery delays.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance procedures, as well as tax-free allowance, vary upon a recipient`s country. Please check it prior to making order.

Attention: Sparein Automotive LLC . is not responsible for any import tax, duties or other charges due to import laws at the destination country. The customer is fully responsible to comply with and pay any local import taxes, customs charges or any additional payments required thereafter. Please contact your local postal service or customs office to consult about import rules and limitations before making payment. Sparein Automotive LLC.will not refund any unexpected shipping charges, any fees, taxes or duties required for customs clearance. Please note that Sparein Automotive LLC. will not refund payments if orders are returned due to being rejected by customs officials at the destination country.

Package insurance

All packages are insured against loss or damage occurred during delivery, with the claim amount equal to the package`s value, but not exceeding JP¥20,000, by default. If the package`s value exceeds JP¥20,000, you are able to increase the claim amount by paying additionally JP¥50 per each JP¥20,000 of the package`s value. For example, for the package with value of JP¥60,100, such extra payment amounts to JP¥150 only.

If you would like to increase the insurance amount, please write down a comment while making shipping instructions on our website. The amount will be credited to your balance.


Delivery company is responsible for damage or loss of a package occurred in the process of delivery. Please examine the package thoroughly while accepting it from a courier or at a post office. In case any damage or loss discovered, contact the post office official to file a claim of correspondent form. After the claim is accepted, please contact us to proceed with compensation payment.