For wholesale clients

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

The company «SPAREIN» is pleased to offer you high-quality spare parts and accessories for vehicles from all world-leading manufacturers.

We offer the widest range of spare parts for passenger cars, commercial vehicle, trucks and custom vehicles amounting to more than 35 million of genuine spare parts and their aftermarket analogs.

The highest ex-stock availability of spare parts can be found at our warehouse in Dubai, UAE as well as at our partner’s warehouses.

We offer:

  • Genuine spare parts from world-leading vehicles manufacturers
  • High-quality aftermarket analogs of genuine spare parts from leading manufacturers all over the world, either operating as assembly line suppliers.
  • Motor oil and other special liquids which are used at vehicle’s service stations.
  • Genuine accessories for vehicle tuning.

All spare parts we can offer you are produced by trustworthy manufacturers assuring the highest quality and operational characteristics of spare parts and accessories.

All spare parts are certified and meet international quality standards.

Five reasons for working with SPAREIN

  1. Beneficial prices. We have the lowest prices for high-quality spare parts.
  2. Flexible discount system. Our pricing assumes Your personal previous monthly turnover. The more you buy from us, the better prices you’re granted!
  3. Fastest goods shipment. Well-organized logistic chain allowing for fastest shipping to and from our SPAREIN warehouse alongside with proper handling and packaging will not keep you waiting. Our managers will provide you with all necessary shipping documents at short notice.
  4. Goods delivery to customer. Our logistic system ensures fastest goods delivery from our warehouse to any customer. The responsive approach makes it possible for us to consider our turnover volume, transport availability and frequency of deliveries.
  5. Answer to any question. Irrespective of purchase amount each our customer can get free competent advice from our managers.

Spare parts delivery terms.

Any spare part can be delivered to you on the following terms:

Delivery from our warehouse in Dubai, UAE (EX-STOCK)

Delivery from warehouses of manufacturers from Europe, USA and Asia (FORWARD BOOKING)

Starting successful joint activity.

1. Have a look at our web-portal

(Please feel free asking any of our managers from wholesale department about the structure of our website and best ways of addressing it for a fast and convenient work)

2. Find out more about our wholesale pricing policy. Wholesale customer’s price-list is individual and can be fixed upon achieving specified monthly turnover. Special prices can be negotiated together with the company «SPAREIN» Management.

Without our web-site registration one can see our export price-list #5

A preliminary registration is available at our website

Please create Your own login and password and specify Your contact details.

Our managers from wholesale department will promptly get in touch with you explaining all details on Sales Contract conclusion, spare parts price-lists, terms of payment and delivery.

4. Once the Sales Contract is concluded and specified wholesale price-list is assigned you may easily process your orders via our website. You will be also provided with a password for entering our specialized online web resource: where you can download files with updated data for uploading them into your trading systems. For Your convenience in operation our personal manager will support you in all questions regarding your current trading activity.


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