How to buy

1) Sign up

Please sign up our website first.

2) Find items and make order

Use our new parts search or used parts search or Parts catalogs to find the items you want to order. Then add selected items to the shopping cart and make the order. The order status is “Awaiting payment” at that moment,

Also you can make a quote request to our Spare Parts Sales Department in case you cannot find your items.

3) Pay for order

Pay for the order using one of the payment methods. Please note that shipping cost is not included and should be paid additionally. The status of the order changes to “Processing”. Usually it takes 2–5 working days (except holidays and weekend) to process the order.

NOTE! After payment for the order has been accepted, no cancel or amendment of the order is possible.

Sometimes, the order may be suspended (order’s status changes to «Suspended»), due to the following reasons:

  • VIN / frame / chassis No. required

    A maker requested this information to fulfill the order. You should provide this information to us.

  • Possible delay in delivery

    A maker has no item you have ordered in stock at the moment, so the order processing period may take more time than usually. You have to choose both to agree and wait for the order, or to cancel it.

  • Changes in item`s quantity

    A maker has not sufficient amount of item`s in stock to complete the order; you will have an option to buy fewer quantity.

  • Changes of part number

    A maker has changed the part number for the item you ordered. Please note that initial number can be divided into some new numbers for the item`s components (i.e. in case of an assembly).

  • Changes in item`s price

    We are making our best to keep our parts database up-to-date; although, changes in price of the item you have ordered due to a maker`s changes of price are still possible (quite rarely).

If the order was suspended, you have two options: to agree with the changes (provide required information) or cancel the order, partly or in full. In case of cancellation, the payment will be deposited in your balance. You can use it for new orders or ask for refund.

Detailed instruction on suspended order is available at the order page.

4) Pay for shipping

After the order is delivered at our warehouse in Japan, the order status changes to “In stock”. Now you can create package (make shipping instructions) and pay shipping cost. The status of the order changes to “Awaiting shipment”. Partly shipping of the one order or combined shipping of several orders also available.

Please note that the period of charge less storage of goods in our warehouse is 30 days.

Package`s weight may increase because we use additional packing material to prepare items for shipping. In that case, you will receive a notification through your personal account. Note that shipping cost may be adjusted accordingly so you may be required to make extra payment to complete the shipping.

After we ship your order, the order status changes to “Shipped”. You can find the tracking number on the Packages page.